World Cup 2018 Is Approaching, Russia is Mass Killing Its Stray Dogs (Again!)

Yes, you read it right. The clock is ticking for dogs in Russia which are being poisoned in preparation of the biggest football tournament in the world. Sochi, Russia, hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics which let to a mass killing of thousands of stray animals. Sochi is now hosting the  World Cup in June of 2018 and the city has over 2 million stray animals, most of them dogs.

Russia killing stray dogs

Protests are not common in Russia and are rarely reported by local media. However, an online video shows Russian residents protesting in the city center in front of the countdown display for the World Cup. The person behind the initiative is Ekaterina Dmitrieva, director of the Urban Animal Protection Fund, who states that she has found official documents confirming the plan to “euthanise” and “destruct” homeless animals on a massive scale.

In 2014, the stray animals were reportedly killed with poison darts. Activists fear this method may be used again. People are frustrated and want Russia to neuter the stray animals and release them.

Russia killing stray dogs

Another activist, Elena Kalyuzhina, founder of Bertha Rescue, has taken in over 400 dogs with all sorts of illnesses and issues to protect them from being killed on the street. She and two other volunteers care for the animals, which includes feeding and bringing water as the place they’re kept does not have running water.


Please, spread the word so more people get involved and help us stop this.