Woman Leaves Her Three Dogs In Van on Hottest August Bank Holiday

Three dogs were discovered locked in a van yesterday in Cornwall, when temperatures in the UK reached a record high, making it the UK’s hottest August Bank Holiday on record.

The owner had driven the van to the annual Newlyn Fish Festival and left the dogs locked in the vehicle, while attending the event. The dogs were left in a cage, filled with cushions and covered with a blanket.

dogs locked in a hot car

A passerby spotted the dogs and released them, after seeking approval from local police officers. The dogs were given water and are believed to be in good health.

The owner of the dogs could now face animal cruelty charges.

dogs locked in a hot car

All dog owners are being warned of the danger of leaving a pet alone in a car during the summer months. Even a mild temperature of 22 degrees could quickly rise to over 40 degrees if the windows are not open and the car is left in the sun.

Here’s what to do if you see a dog locked in a car.

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