Wetherspoons to Ban Dogs in ALL Pubs from September 10

A few local newspapers have been reporting in the last couple of weeks that Wetherspoons is about to ban dogs in its pubs. It turns out that the ban will apply to ALL 937 Wetherspoons venues, including their London pubs.

The pub chain will be enforcing a strict no dog policy across the country from Monday, September 10. The reasons for this sound a bit vague.

A statement from Wetherspoons states: “After much consultation, we will now be strictly enforcing this policy everywhere.

“In order to give those affected time to adjust we have set a deadline of Monday, September 10, 2018.”

Eddie Gershon, a spokesman for Wetherspoons added:”Even well behaved dogs can be unpredictable, every dog owner thinks their dog is perfect.”

Assistance dogs will be allowed only with the relevant documentation showing they’re on duty while visiting the pub.

It’s not clear if there’s a specific incident that triggered the harsh decision, but it’s all decided – if you want to grab a pint with your dog during the weekend, which most of you certainly do, Wetherspoons pubs are off the limits from now on.