Why Should You Walk Your Dog in a Pack?

There are plenty of reasons why this helps your dog. It can help you too.

We all know the benefits of dog walking. Regular exercise keeps your dog fit and healthy. It can manage his weight. It helps the digestive system, and it can cut destructive behaviour. Going for a walk is a ritual that you dog loves, it’s his time to explore, relieve his bladder, make new friends and be a dog.
But to get all this, your dog needs more than a stroll around the block.

Group dog walking offers added bonuses:


Dogs are naturally pack animals and they need the company of other dogs to feel happy and satisfied. They make friends quickly, but they do remember them and would love to meet them again, just like us when we meet someone new we like.

If a dog doesn’t enjoy the company of other dogs and gets fearful and aggressive around them, he most probably has missed the crucial first few weeks of puppy socialisation. This could be overcome with lots of training and persistence. Avoiding other dogs will make the situation worse.

Stimulation and more time to explore

Most dogs are sociable creatures. They like other dogs and are curious about them. A pack dog walk allows them to explore their curiosity, stimulates them to think, act, chase and discover, which is in their nature.

They will get frequent stops

A pack dog walk will do a lot of stopping and sniffing as the dogs explore their surroundings. This makes the walk very enjoyable.

The group dog walk offers motivation

It’s easier not to bother walking a dog if you’re the only one taking the dog out. If you’ve arranged to meet other people, then putting off the walk is harder. You might end up taking the dog on a longer walk too, as a result.

The group pack walk explores different routes

Again, if you walk your dog in a pack, you might end up exploring new parts of town. The group dog walk takes you out of your walk comfort zone.

It will increase your dog’s skills around other dogs

Regular pack walks will bring your dog into contact with other dogs often. This will help her get used to other dogs and improve your dog’s behaviour around them.

The benefits for you include meeting new, like-minded friends. Pack dog walks can also introduce you to people who can help you with dog care when you’re away.

You can organise your own pack walk in the local park, join a dog owners meet-up in your area or find a trusted dog walker that does group dog walking. We don’t recommend one person walking more than 4 dogs, as this could be a potentially dangerous situation.