Top Dog Friendly Companies in the UK

Most of us have to go to work – but imagine if you could take your dog with you. How amazing would that be? Studies have shown that dog-friendly offices have employees who are less stressed.

Which are the top dog-friendly companies in the UK?

Blue Cross
As you might expect from an animal charity, Blue Cross employees can bring their dogs to its offices as long as they have their manager’s permission and their dogs are good.
Blue Cross says pets are very calming and they can provide light relief for employees when the work load gets hectic. Another benefit is that they force people to take regular breaks from their desk and provide exercise – keeping people fit and healthy.

Pets at Home
An another obvious pet-friendly workplace is the chain Pets at Home. More than 90 percent of its employees have pets and in its support office, dogs at work are a regular feature. Pets at Home is currently investigating “pet-ternity” leave, where employees can take time off to settle a new pet into their homes.

Next Model Management
Some of the management team members have dogs and they are allowed to bring them into the office – so long as they are properly cared for, and they don’t disrupt the work. The models who drop in often have their dogs with them.

Apparently, Build-a-Bear has a chief executive dog called “Milford”, who celebrates his birthday each year by hosting a party for the other company dogs. The company has been named as one of 100 best companies to work for by Fortune. Perhaps that’s why!

Nestlé allows the 1,000-plus employees at its corporate headquarters near to Gatwick Airport to bring their dogs to work should they want to. Dogs need to be “pawthorised”. Owners must fill in a detailed questionnaire about the dog’s habits, and the dog must be evaluated at home and in the office by an independent dog specialist.

Did you know there is actually an official Bring Your Dog To Work Day? This year’s event took place on June 23 (and next year’s will happen on June 24). It’s an annual nationwide event that raises money for the charities that are dedicated to making a difference to the welfare of dogs.
Why not check with your employer to see if they’d like to take part in 2017?


At Firebox, the alternative homeware and lifestyle shop, employees are allowed to bring their dogs to work, which their staff members love to take advantage of. The company sees its pet-friendly policies are a definite advantage. The dogs have a positive impact on the office, as they offer stress-relieving qualities, and they provide plenty of entertainment value.
Firebox also allows the dogs to sit in on meetings, where they give paws for thought when important decisions need to be made. [Sorry. Terrible pun.]

Firebox sees the upside for the dogs is that they enjoy the attention and get to be part of a group/pack atmosphere. The company plans to encourage other staff members to bring their dogs in, and they might consider other animals.


As you might imagine, a company called  is a dog-friendly place to work for. The business is headquartered in Shoreditch, and office dogs pop in regularly to say hello or take part in photo shoots.

The Dogs Trust

The same applies to the charity, The Dogs Trust, where you are allowed to take your dog to work.

Co-working spaces

The nice thing is that a huge number of co-working spaces are dog friendly, so if you’re planning to work for a buzzing start-up that rents desks in TechHub, Dotted Desks, FORGE & CO, WeWork Southbank, Soho Business Club, Launch22 and many more, chances are you’ll be allowed to take your dog to work.

Do you work for a dog-friendly employer, or are you one yourself? We’d love to know so we can feature you here. Just ping us on Twitter and we’d love to include your company in this article.