Three-Legged Rescue Dog Makes a Lovely Ring Bearer

Piggy, a very special Border Collie, did a great job as a ring bearer at David and Jenny’s wedding in New York.

dog wedding

Piggy is a rescue dog who was saved by Tod Emko back in 2009. Emko was on holiday in Dominican Republic with us friend Andrea Gordon, when they came across Piggy. He was living as a stray on a local beach and had been hit by a bus, badly injuring his back leg. Without medical help, he would have died.  Emko and Gordon offered managed to save Piggy and decided to adopt him. Piggy was then flew to the USA and started a new life in New York City.

Since then, Piggy has been acting as a therapy dog and participating in humane education programs run by Darwin Animals Doctors.  He visits schools and libraries in the New York City area to help teach humane education.

Before their wedding, it seemed that the groom and the bride had the same idea hoping to surprise each other. David asked his friend Emko if he could have Piggy as a special ring bearer for his wedding with Jenny. A couple of hours later, the bride-to-be asked the same thing, without knowing David had similar idea in mind.

“David and Jenny both realised something was up when they each saw the other acting really giddy after talking to me the same day,” Emko said. “They discussed it, and couldn’t believe they both came up with the same idea.”

one legged dog wedding

“Piggy took his job very seriously,” Emko added. “Even though he usually stops for all admirers, he only gave respectful smiles and nods to everyone in the crowd who cooed and petted him as he passed by them, walking down the aisle.”

one legged dog wedding

When he reached the alter, Piggy sat down and waited patiently for the ceremony to finish.

Photos: The Dodo

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