Police Dog Finn Gets International Award

Police dog Finn, who became famous last October after almost losing his life defending his handler and chasing a suspect, will receive an award at IFAW’s prestigious Animal Action Awards event, hosted by Baroness Gale at the House of Lords today, 17 October.

8 year-old German Shepherd Finn, along with handler PC Dave Wardell were chasing a suspect in  Stevenage last October 5 when both were attacked with a knife, resulting in Finn sustaining serious stab wounds to the head and chest which required emergency life-saving surgery.

finn police dog

Despite his injuries, Finn held on to the suspect until PC Wardell was able to handcuff him and he’s believed to have been minutes away from losing his life. After his open-chest surgery Finn recovered miraculously and was fit for work a few weeks after the incident. He managed to catch a new suspect on the first night after he was back. Finn retired in March this year and is enjoying his new life.

finn police dog

PC Wardell began to campaign tirelessly for ‘Finn’s Law’, calling for attacks on police animals to be upgraded from a criminal damage offence, (as they were considered mere ‘property’ at the time), and for an increase in maximum sentencing from just six months in prison to five years.

finn police dog

Thanks to this campaign, In February this year, such attacks were elevated to an aggravated offence, and at the start of this month Environment Secretary Michael Gove MP announced plans to increase the maximum sentence under the Animal Welfare Act for the most severe cruelty cases to five years in prison.