Neglected Blind Bulldog Finally Finds the Family He Deserves

Rod is a cute 7 years-old bulldog who went blind after being neglected by his previous owners. An untreated eye infection made him lose 90% of his vision. Rod was eventually surrendered to the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter in Pennsylvania and was treated for a number of other illnesses, including an ear infection.

blind bulldog

Thanks to the immediate treatment, Rod has significantly improved his vision and is now able to see objects around him and avoid accidents. Although he was getting the so-needed help by vets and staff at the shelter, Rod was still obviously unhappy and insecure.

blind bulldog

The change came, when they found a new foster family for Rod, with a bulldog foster brother named Mongo — and as soon as he arrived in his foster home, Rod transformed into a completely different dog.

blind bulldog

The dogs spend together every single moment. They eat together, sleep together and even pee on the same spots. Natalie, Rod’s foster mom, also gives Rod spa days and he loves every second of it. It turns out that for a very first time Rod discovers what’s to have a real family and to be loved.


Rod is up for adoption from Griffin Pond Animal Shelter.

Source: The Dodo