Meet the Dog Superstar – Mishka

Have you ever wished your dog could talk? Well, there’s a dog who can actually tell you “I love you” and says “No” if you ask her if she’s stupid.

Mishka, the talking Siberian Husky, lives with her parents Matthew Gardea and his wife, and their 2 other dogs – Laika, another Siberian Husky, and Moki, a mixed breed that the Gardea family adopted from a Bronx shelter.

The 13-year old furry talent became famous when her owners published a video of her saying “I Love You” a few years ago. She became so famous that she has been featured on TV talk shows, radio commercials, TV commercials, and even met some celebrities.

Mishka currently has 740,757 subscribers on YouTube and has reached 460,958,552 video views!

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