Meet the Dog Superstar: Minnie and Max

Meet Minnie and Max. With more than one point four million followers on Facebook, American pugs Minnie and Max could be the most recognisable pets on the planet.

The pugs are sister and brother, litter mates and best friends. They are known as a “bonded pair” and they have never been apart.

Minnie & Max Pugs

Minnie and Max are best known for the video The Pug Head Tilt which went viral not long after posting and has been featured on The Tonight Show, Ellen, Regis & Kelly, Good Morning America and Animal Planet. Their collection of YouTube films has been viewed more than 24,000,000 times and they have their own playlist on

Minnie & Max Pugs

Funnily enough, the original video that went viral was only posted on YouTube because it was too large to send as an email attachment. Minnie and Max’s owner only intended for it to be seen by a few friends.

However, when they were contacted by Good Morning America who asked if they could show it, Minnie and Max’s owners knew they were onto something special. YouTube asked them to be partners and encouraged them to make more films and Disney created a playlist of Minnie and Max videos for its website.


Tilting heads is a Pug ‘thing’. The dog breed is naturally curious and the tilting head when someone to talks to the dog is the animal trying to work out what’s being said to it. The tilting head is now Minnie and Max’s signature look and people love to pose for photos with the dogs tilting their heads.

Minnie & Max Pugs

Minnie and Max also promote animal shelters, in particular the Central Coast Pug Rescue of California. They promote and attend fundraising events up and down America’s west coast and they have used their world-wide popularity to publicise campaigns for rescue organisations all over the US.

Minnie & Max Pugs

Their owners urge people to only consider pet ownership for the right reasons. Too many people, they say, don ‘t think about how much time, money and effort is needed to take care of pets. And if people are going to get a dog, they should consider adopting a mixed breed animal from their local dog home or shelter.

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Minnie and Max took part in Puppies vs Babies on Animal Planet, narrowly defeating the film, Talking Twin Babies.

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