Lost Dog Euthanised Two Hours After Being Transported To Shelter

This is not the kind of ending you’d like to read when it comes to lost dogs reunited with their owners, but unfortunately it did happen a few days ago in Michigan.

Capone, a 16-year-old pit bull mix, went missing from his Michigan home and his family was very worried and searching for him anywhere. The person who found him, Todd MacDonell, posted a photo of Capone on social media to search for his owners and took him to two vets and to Adopt A Pet in Fenton, Michigan until they finally moved Capone to Genesee County Animal Control Shelter. The owners were quickly located and they immediately went to take him back home.

capone lost dog

Just a couple of hours after the dog was taken to the shelter, he was euthanised. Capone’s owner, Serafin Montoya was devastated, especially because the dog was wearing his harness and was clearly not abandoned or stray. They’d been together since Capone was a little puppy. Animal Control Officials said that the dog was in pain and in very bad conditions, something that Montoya and the person who found the dog categorically deny.

It’s not clear if any charges will be made, even though the shelter broke its own policy.

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