Little Dog Uses Her Big Brother for … Everything

Meet the 2-year-old Bella who uses her big brother Hank for pretty much anything she needs. A stepping stool? No problem, Hank is around. Transportation around the house? Hank, please come. A cosy napping spot? Hank, please don’t move.


Bella is incredibly energetic and keeps Hank on his toes with all her requests. He’s getting old (10 years old) and according to his owners Bella has amazing influence on him to keep him constantly on the move and entertained.


Adriana Burkhart, Bella’s mum said: “Bella lives with me and Hank stays at my parents, but whenever I bring her home they both go crazy when they see each other. They’re both cuddle bugs so they sleep together a lot and Bella will chase him around and try and play tug of war with his tail sometimes. He’s so much bigger than her that he just sits down and she stops.”


Being tiny and nosy, Bella quickly realised that Hank help her get bigger and more capable to do things – like reaching everywhere, begging for treats, jump over gates or just having fun being taller as usual.


What a sweet pair!