How Do You Know if Your Dog is Gay?

We are all familiar with this scenario – your male or female dog mounts another dog, regardless of its gender. Does that make your dog gay?

First of all – mounting. Is it sexual? Not always. That’s your dog saying, “I’m top dog.” Literally. Occasionally though, dogs mount others for a bit of… gratification. Hey, we all get the urge from time to time.

The reality is – yes, some dogs, just like people and other species, are gay and are sexually attracted by the same sex. Experts think it’s down to hormonal imbalance, but it’s hard to say whether this is abnormality or some dogs are just born like this. If you think your dog is gay and he or she is not causing any trouble on a regular basis, just accept it. That’s the way they’re. If they’re constantly tempted to hump other dogs and this is causing trouble to your and their social life, then it might be a good idea to contact a dog behaviour expert.

What are the other reasons your dog might be humping other dogs?

They get overly excited
Some dogs get so hyperactive when meeting new friends that they can’t compose themselves and that’s their way to express some of those emotions.

It’s a play behaviour
No one told them this is not acceptable and sometimes it’s a new way of playing. Plus – who decides you’re not allowed to do that? It’s perfectly natural for them and they might get confused if you tell them off.

Some medicines can make your dog more attractive to others
There’re reports that some medicines used for certain skin conditions in dogs mess up their hormones and send wrong signal to other doggies. So if your four-legged friend is getting more special attention from the same sex, this might be the reason.

Canine behaviorists call this a “displacement” behavior. When the dog becomes anxious, he or she may scratch, sniff, dig, or hump. People display displacement behaviours too (although luckily humping is not usually one of them!). We check our phones, play with our hair, or look around, when we’re in socially uncomfortable situations.

Showing dominance 

We all heard this and it’s absolutely true – dogs, especially male dogs, use mounting to show dominance.

It just feels good
Mounting toys and other dogs (even from the same sex) sometimes is just what it looks – they like it and they do it. Accept it.

There are instances in nature of animals preferring other animals of the same gender. Take the bonobo apes, for example. They’re a very sexual species, and female-on-female sex is common. Then there are birds. Male penguins, for example, will have sex with each other. They will also adopt orphaned eggs and raise the chicks together. The cuteness!

If you think you might have a gay dog, all we can say is – lucky you! Enjoy your pet.

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