Homeless Man Final Wish Is A Home For His Dog

Clifford James Herbert, a homeless man from California dying from terminal cancer, has been made happy by seeing his beloved dog Baby adopted by a caring family.
cliff and baby
The story of Cliff and Baby made the headlines when Jenine-Lacette DShazer noticed the pair cuddling together on a chilly California sidewalk. DShazer grabbed what she could find from her car – a blanket, some food and toilet paper – and offered it to the man. The man then opened and shared his story.

cliff and baby

60-year-old Herbert told her that he is a former farm worker who had once owned his own mechanic shop, but after heart surgery and an emergency tracheotomy in 2006, he became disabled and eventually lost his job. The only thing he had left was his beautiful dog, Baby. He rescued her from a man who beat her with a flashlight. Herbert and Baby had become inseparable ever since.


The most upsetting thing turned out to be that Herbert was recently diagnosed with  liver cancer and had only a few weeks left to live. His main concern was what would happen to Baby when he’s not around to protect her. Touched by their amazing story, DShazer set up GoFundMe page that has already raised over $25,000.

cliff and baby

With the funds, Herbert and Baby were moved to a nicer, safer motel and Baby was spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed. DShazer is making sure that he’ll have a safe place to live until his final day. The good news is that Baby found a new family sooner than expected. They have great experience with dogs, a loving home and a cute daughter to  play with her. Although deaf and vision-impaired, Baby is doing great and Herbert can’t be more grateful that she’ll be happy when he’s not around anymore.