10 Healthy and Quick Treats for Your Dog

Wondering what you can give to your best friend when you want to give them a treat? You don’t need to go out to a boutique pet shop and splurge on fancy dog biscuits and cupcakes every time you want to treat your dog to something nice. In fact, many of the healthiest and quickest treats for your dog are already things you have in your kitchen.

(And many of them make quick and healthy human snacks, too! Score.)

Just remember, while a lot of human foods are safe and easy dog treats you should never give your dog grapes (dried ones too), garlic, onion, shallot, avocado or chocolate. These can be very damaging and even deadly if your dog ingests them pet.

For safe, healthy treats in a pinch any of the following can work!


Raw carrots can help naturally clean your dog’s teeth by abrading any plaque build-up they may have. While not a substitute for good dental care they can be a helpful addition to your dog’s dental routine. You can also cook and mash up carrots for a sweet addition to their usual dinner!


Celery is a great source of fibre and vitamins for dogs and people. Your dog is most easily convinced to eat this green treat when you swipe some peanut butter right down the middle. (Yum.)


Any berries work actually! These are a quick, sweet treat for your dog so next time you buy a box from the store you can split them with your pooch for a guilt-free snack for two.


Dogs love sweet fruits and bananas are no exception. You can slice and freeze them or give them to your dog sweet out of the peel. (Good paired with peanut butter!)

healthy treats for dogs


Full of vitamins and water and deliciousness, your dog can eat this rind and all! Watermelon does not freeze well, but if you have fresh ones on hand your dog will be happy to help with the rind (and a few slices of the good stuff too)!

Peanut butter

Make sure it is a dog-safe variety! Certain brands contain binders and extra chemicals that are not good for our canine companions. There are dog-specific brands you can buy or you can just be extra careful to buy ground-up-peanuts-only peanut butter at the grocery store. Organic brands are your best bet.


Remember to add just a small amount if you don’t want an extra-gassy pooch running around your house. Cabbage is full of beneficial fibre, but just like with people moderation is key to prevent digestive issues.


Frozen, whole sardines make a good treat that is high in omega-3’s (but also in stinkiness). Be careful when looking at canned sardines and always check to make sure there is nothing harmful for your dog if they are seasoned or marinated in anything.

Red bell peppers

Their vibrant colour means they are packed full of awesome vitamins and minerals for your dog. Keep sliced red bell peppers (fresh or frozen) on hand for a sweet, healthy treat for your dog.


Just like when you eat them try to de-seed them as much as possible (coring helps) to make sure your dog doesn’t eat any of the cyanogenic glycosides that they contain. Otherwise apples are a sweet, delicious snack for your dog packed with beneficial vitamins and pectin.