Where to Go with Your Dog in October

Well, when people ask us where to go with your dog in October, we always say – your local park
first. At this time of year, a walk in the park is an absolute joy. Go out at 6pm and watch a brilliant
sunset while your dog frisks happily through piles of fallen leaves. It’s joyful.

However, if you want some other ideas for doggie fun in October, why not try out these?

Go to the beach

Now that the summer is well and truly over, most beaches will be populated by dog walkers only.
Depending on the time of year, restrictions about leads might not apply (but check first). Let your
dog run wild. He’ll absolutely love the freedom of it and frolic in the water to his heart’s content.

Take a cabin break in the forest

Yes, a cabin in a forest at the time of year will be magical. Watch the season change as the leaves go from green to brown and red. Forest Holidays offers dog-friendly options for forests all over the UK.


Beers AND your doggie? What a heavenly combination… Run by Brewhemia in Edinburgh, their
Octoberfest (which runs until 21 st October) is doggie-friendly. You can enjoy a pint, while your dog
has a puppy prosecco. As further incentive, anyone who brings along their dog on every Sunday of
the celebrations gets 20 percent off.

Take a walk for charity

Are you in the Berkshire area? The charity Guide Dogs is running a sponsored dog walk through the woodlands of Snelsmore Common on Sunday 8 th October. Why not take part – you’ll be in good company…

Dog training seminar

Feel like you need a little extra help with training or understanding your pet’s behaviour? Why not
join the dog training seminar hosted by Dr Ian Dunbar? It takes place in Warwickshire and is a four-
day event, although you don’t need to attend the whole thing.

Dog Day Afternoon

Is your dog a winner? The Cabbage and Frocks market in Marylebone (Greater London) is holding a Dog Day Afternoon on 14 October. One highlight will be Dima and dog dancing partners, George and Teddy. There are also free competitions, such as A bit of ruff for mixed breeds, waggy tails, the new kid on the block for the best puppy (imagine having to judge that one…) and oldies but goodies.

The day includes stalls, and pet portrait artist, Claire Thorogood will be on hand if you’ve ever
fancied having your dear doggie immortalised. Accessories will also be available for purchase.