A Girl and Her Dog Travel the World in a Van

Marina Piro is an Italian living in the UK and is travelling the world with her labradoodle called Odie, in an old van called Pam. What a gang!

dog travelling the world

It took her 2 months and £500 to transform her 2001 Renault Kangoo into a cosy home for her and her dog. The van has a kitchenette, a cosy bed, LED lights and even curtains and plants. Odie is enjoying spending the days out and about, and exploring new locations every day. He’s one really lucky dogs!

According to Marina’s blog, Odie doesn’t like porridge, being left alone and realising he’s not that small after all. He loves flies (!), watermelon, carrots and sweets.

dog travelling the world

You can follow their adventures on her blog.



dog travelling the world