Meet the dog superstar – Marnie

This gorgeous doggy is a superstar today, but in 2012 she was surprisingly found abandoned on the filthy and muddy streets of Connecticut by animal welfare control. She was moved to a shelter where she was named Stinky. She was blind in her left eye and was intolerably foul smelling. Not long after she was adopted and then moved to New York, her new home.

Shirley, her new owner, named her after the musician Marnie Stern. Thanks to Shirley, Marnie had a special tooth therapy which helped her get rid of her poor smell.

Undoubtedly, Marnie’s most special feature is her unusually long tongue. Marnie looks super cute when she licks her tongue every now and then to keep it from drying out. She’s has got angelic eyes as well, which reflect her affectionate and lovely character.

Marnie The Dog

Marnie has a slight head tilt due to a Vestibular Syndrome (don’t worry, it’s not deadly as most people mistakenly think). The dogs’ victim to this syndrome get well within a few weeks and continue to live normally but sometimes with a head tilt (Marine was among those few).

‘Miracles happen’ and fortunately a miracle happened with Marnie, too. Slowly and gradually the grey clouds in her left eye started fading and soon, they were all cleared up and ultimately the blind label was also vanished. Gladly, Marnie’s vision is perfectly fine now. Attention and affection from her owner bore fruits and socially introvert and fearful Marnie became more confident and playful than ever before. She began enjoying her owners company and got adapted to new environment easily. Marnie has become a social animal, accompanying her owner to friends gatherings and parties.

Marnie the dog

Marnie’s favourite activity is ambling along long carpeted hallways. She likes exploring new spaces, she’s lovestruck with long walks in nice weather and enjoys partying all the time. Sleeping for long hours is also her hobby. She loves eating broccoli, chicken, watermelon, muffins, Greek yogurt and eggs. Just like most dogs, she doesn’t like bathing, but what she is most afraid of is being abandoned. She gets depressed and angry when she’s left alone at home. She doesn’t even touch her favourite treats until her owner comes back, so she is rarely left alone at home.

Hats off to the owner of Marnie, who gave her second chance to live and made her an Internet sensation. Thanks to her lovely photo updates, Marnie’s got over 1.9m followers on Instagram and over 405, 000 fans on Facebook.

Now that’s what we call a dog superstar. Follow Marnie on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You can also check out her personal website.

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