This Dog Is Not Allowed on the Sofa

As a dog owner you learned the hard way that muddy paws on the sofa is the last thing you want to see when you come back home from a long walk.

boxer sofa

When Lexi was a puppy, she used to roll in mud and happily jump on the sofa the moment she entered the house. Her owner, Donna Wolford, quickly realised that she needs to introduce the “No Sofa” rule asap. And she did.

boxer sofa

However, Lexi loves the sofa so much that she’s been having a hard time saying bye to her favourite piece of furniture.

Now 18 months old, Lexi has gotten so comfortable with her own way of using the couch that she’s even fallen asleep like that. While her big sister, Lucy, isn’t as interested in lying up there, Lexi spends a lot of time resting and even napping with her front paws on the sofa.

How creative she is!