DIY Dog Ice Cream Recipes

Phew—it’s been one scorcher of a summer so far. While it’s wonderful that we’ve all been able to spend so much time outside, spare a thought for our four-legged friends. Some breeds suffer more than others and your doggie might find the soaring temperatures problematic.

This is where the DIY doggie ice cream comes in. Doubtless you’ve been tempted to offer your poor pet the remains of your own iced treat. But ice-creams and lollies are often packed full of sugar—a no-no for your dog.

The DIY ice cream means he can get valuable nutrition and fluids, keeping him cool at the same time.

Strawberry ice-cream
Who doesn’t love strawberry ice-cream? This one is easy-peasy. Take a punnet of strawberries and 500g natural yoghurt (buy the ones with live cultures for extra goodness).
Mash the strawberries with a potato masher or chop them finely. Mix the mash with the yoghurt, pour into a tub and freeze for a few hours.

Ice pops
You can use old single yoghurt pots to make these. Crush up some of your dog’s favourite treats or biscuits and place them in the pots. Add water and freeze. These are especially welcome when the weather’s warm.

Peanut butter and banana
You could argue this one is as good for humans as it is for our four-legged friends. Take two ripe bananas, 500g natural yoghurt (again, use the one with live cultures if you can find it) and half a jar of sugar and salt free peanut butter.
Whizz in a liquidiser and put the mix in ice-cube trays. Voila! A healthy treat awaits your pet.

Your pet will love this one… Take 250g cooked chicken and chop it into small pieces. Add to a food processor or liquidiser with 250ml salt-free chicken stock and liquidise. Freeze the mix in ice-cube trays.

If you want an instant treat why not try banana ice-cream? Cut up chunks of ripe banana and place them in the freezer. They won’t take more than a few hours to solidify. Take them out and whizz them in your liquidiser or food processor until you get a smooth ice-cream. Add a little water if the mixture is too lumpy.

This one works for humans too!
It’s important to remember that too many treats shouldn’t be served on top of your dog’s meals. Make them a small, healthy addition so weight isn’t an unwelcome add-on this summer.