Christmas Present Ideas for Dogs

We all know, of course, that the concept of Christmas gifts for dogs is anthropomorphism at its finest. Your dog doesn’t know it’s Christmas time and that a present should be expected, after all. But when your dog is a treasured member of your family, it doesn’t feel right NOT to give him, or her anything so here are some ideas if you want your four legged friend to have his own wee present under the tree…

Gifts vary widely in price – from top quality hampers and clothing to budget-friendly toys. Spend within your means, and remember your dog will probably be perfectly happy with more-than- usual access to your company, thanks to the holidays.

Doggy Hamper

Prestige Hampers offers pet hampers such as this doggie one for £39.99. Included are dog-friendly biscuit bites, popcorn, Woof Dog Beer and toys. The same outlet also does stockings for dogs and cats.

Personalised Blanket

personalised dog blanket christmas present

Not on the High Street, as you might imagine, offers plenty of gifts that can be personalised for your pet. We liked Duncan Stewart’s personalised snuggle blanket at £22, not including delivery. It’s a super-soft fleece that dries quickly so it can frequently be washed. The blanket is embroidered with a paw print and the pet’s name.

Personalised Dog Scarf

dog scarf Christmas present

Broughton and Co’s handknitted, personalised dog scarves are also super cute too. They cost £20 (excluding delivery) and are 100 percent handmade.

Doggy Bandana

bandanas for dogs has plenty of cheaper options if you want to buy your pet a present. Our favourite was the Santa I Can Explain bandana. It ties around the dog’s neck, or it can be wrapped over a collar. It’s easy to fit (necks up to 45cm) and fun and festive. The bandana costs £8.99 and delivery is free on orders over £39. Bruno’s Co also have an amazing selection of quality bandanas for only £4.90!

Christmas Dog Stocking

We also loved the Good Boy Christmas Dog Stocking, which comes in at £3.49. You get one pack of
turkey and cranberry-flavoured bones, one pack of beef bones, one pack of chocolate drops and one Munchy tree, as well as a squeaky rubber bone.

Dog pyjamas

At Pets at Home, Christmas present ideas include these super-cute pyjamas for a small dog. It costs £10 and is available in-store or online. It’s machine washable at a low temperature and is bound to
attract plenty of comments.

Luxury Dog Bed

dog bed Christmas present

If you do have money to burn, this raised rattan bed is utterly adorable. Made by Charley Chau, it comes in three sizes and is an eye-watering £290. Still, the manufacturers promise it’s a beautiful piece of furniture by itself and will last for years to come.

Pet spa package

Another super luxurious idea is the Pet Spa London’s gift packages. If your dog finds Christmas stressful (too many visitors, weird decorations in the house, strange men sliding down the chimney when everyone is asleep), the relaxing, four-hour spa day experience might be just the ticket. It includes a lavish bubble bath, a pet pedicure, custom coat styling, afternoon tea from the Canine Cookie Company, after-care consultancy and a doggie gift bag. Prices aren’t available on the website, but we think we can safely bet this is another one for those of
you with money to burn…

So plenty of options out there for a doggy Christmas present! Which one will go for?