Blind Dog Can’t Stop Kissing Her New Owner

Jelly, a 14-year-old Chihuahua mix, was recently abandoned by her owner at Baldwin Park Shelter in Los Angeles for unknown reasons. Elaine Seamans, a volunteer at the shelter, went to meet the dog not knowing what to expect, as old blind dogs are often unfriendly and protective of their personal space.

blind dog

The moment Elaine took Jelly in her hands she couldn’t believe how sweet and loving she was, she started kissing her all over her face, shaking and looking for a cuddle.

“I wasn’t prepared for how incredibly trusting and sweet she was,” she said. “She never flinched or shied away from my hand as I started to pet her head. When I picked her up, she leaned into my chest and kept herself there no matter which position I was in. She needed love, and to hear and feel a heartbeat of someone holding her.”

blind dog

Elaine was determined to find Jelly a new loving home and reached to social media to look for the right person. Shortly after her post, Carlynne McDonnell, the founder and CEO of Barkee Laroux’s House of Love Animal Sanctuary contacted her offering her help.

The main issue was Jelly’s medical needs which would cost a fad vet bill each month. Jelly has a s skin condition, dental issues, a heart murmur, cataracts, and ear inflammation, as well as the start of kidney disease. Luckily, At-Choo Foundation stepped back in — they offered to underwrite Jelly’s medical bills if McDonnell was able to pull her from the shelter.

blind dog

The moment Carlynne met Jelly, she received the same warm welcome as her saviour Elaine – warm happy kisses all over her face. The only thing the poor dog wanted is a bit of love and a warm hug. Carlynne’s plan to just foster Jelly quickly changed and she decided to keep her forever.

blind dog

“She was in a little blanket, and I put my little arms around her, and it was just the most amazing feeling, knowing that we were going to bring this beloved dog home, and give her love and care and food and a safe place.”

What a sweet story!

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