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Blind and Deaf Dog Desperately Looking for a New Home

This is Stevie, a blind and deaf hound mix dog who has been through hell and is still the most loving and gorgeous dog you could meet.

blind dog

Animal control officers found Stevie wandering the streets of south Texas, near the Mexico border, and placed him in a crowded kennel, without realizing the little dog was different from the other strays. He’s suffering from a condition known as microphthalmia, which causes his deafness and blindness. On the top of that he had to have his two eyes removed as he was suffering from a painful eye infection.

blind dog

Simone, founder of Redemption Paws, a rescue for at-risk dogs based in Toronto, in Ontario, Canada, hoped she could give Stevie a chance at finding a family. She’s explaining how quickly he adapts and with the appropriate care he would make a lovely family dog.

blind dog

“Stevie needs empathy and structure. Feeling sorry for him and not giving him boundaries not only makes it difficult for adopters — but it makes it difficult for Stevie to adjust to new surroundings,” Simone added.

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