Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

If you are looking for a pet to suit your young family, the most affectionate dog breeds are probably the ones you want to consider.

Or it might just be that you have a lot of love to give and an affectionate dog appeals. What are the most affectionate dog breeds?

Golden Retriever

There are good reasons why this is such a popular pet. They are even-tempered, and they love families. They like to welcome their owners home with a wagging tail and a bit of barking (not the aggressive kind), and they are pretty easy to train. They like children, they don’t mind other dogs, and they even get on with cats. (Though the cat might not get on with them…) A top choice is you want an affectionate dog.



Oh my – these dogs just want someone to love! They are such affectionate dogs and an excellent family pet, or companion if you live by yourself. There are good reasons why they are used so often as guide or therapy dogs. They do like plenty of exercise, as they were originally bred as hunting dogs. Throw a ball for them frequently, and they will be so happy.


most loyal dogs

Boxers love human beings, but they do like to jump around a bit which might not work if you have young children. They were bred as working dogs, so they do like quite a bit of exercise – though individual dogs will vary. They like other dogs and pets too, and they can bark a lot, but this is rarely the threatening type of woofing.



Another cutely-friendly pet is the bulldog. They can be a little bit couch potato too so you won’t need to walk them as much as other breeds. The only thing to watch out for is that bulldogs love their food – so feed them according to instructions to stop them getting fat. Also, they can be very possessive about food. Feed them away from other pets and children, as they will see them as competition. This love of food is good for Bulldog training. Food is the number one motivator for the bulldog.

Great Dane

great dane

Large, floppy and friendly – that’s the Great Dane. They love families and people – and they don’t like being left alone for too long. There can be a bit of barking and jumping up, but this is always the friendly kind. They need space, so are best suited to family homes with a decent-sized garden. Bear in mind, too, that the Great Dane has the shortest life span of all dog breeds. (Small dogs live longer as a rule.)

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