• new music album to help your dog relax
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    New Music Album to Help Your Dog Relax

    Yes, you read this right. Paws. Play. Relax. is an innovative CD featuring relaxing music for your family dog to help them settle an relax. Produced by the Scottish SPCA, in line with the University of Glasgow academic research, the selected music tracks are supposed to help your dog when she feels stresses and should […] More

  • Wetherspoons to ban dogs in all its pubs

    Wetherspoons to Ban Dogs in ALL Pubs from September 10

    A few local newspapers have been reporting in the last couple of weeks that Wetherspoons is about to ban dogs in its pubs. It turns out that the ban will apply to ALL 937 Wetherspoons venues, including their London pubs. The pub chain will be enforcing a strict no dog policy across the country from Monday, September 10. […] More

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    Identifying Eye Infections in Dogs

    Just like us human beings, our dogs are vulnerable to several eye infections. A mild infection can go unnoticed by dog owners which can lead to further damage to the dog’s eyes. Hence, it is very important to know some of the common symptoms that can help you guess if your dog has an eye […] More

  • flying with dogs

    Flying with Your Dog

    Holiday season is in full swing and even in the midst of a heatwave Brits are escaping to the continent for some well deserved rest and relaxation. For those wishing to embark with their pampered pooch in tow, this blog will help you get started prepping your pup for their big holiday adventure. I’ll be […] More

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    Surf Dog Catches Waves With Kids Who Can’t Walk, Eat or Breath

    Meet Ricochet, the surf dogs that helps dozens of children with disabilities to enjoy the waves and proves that anything is possible with a good friend by your side. Surf Dog Ricochet and kids with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) caught waves last week during the 4th annual “Surf Away SMA With Ricochet” event. SMA is a disease that […] More

  • dog friendly events london
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    Doggy Events in London You Must Visit This Summer

    The summer holidays have started and devoted pet owners in London are wondering what they can do with their doggie this year. Fear not—we have an awesome list of suggestions for dog-friendly events in the capital. Cinematastic Picturehouse are doing fantastic job with hosting dog friendly screenings in more and more locations. You can now […] More

  • DIY dog ice cream

    DIY Dog Ice Cream Recipes

    Phew—it’s been one scorcher of a summer so far. While it’s wonderful that we’ve all been able to spend so much time outside, spare a thought for our four-legged friends. Some breeds suffer more than others and your doggie might find the soaring temperatures problematic. This is where the DIY doggie ice cream comes in. […] More

  • brush your dog's teeth

    Do You Really Need to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth?

    We’re big believers in doggie smiles. Our four-legged friends like to tell us when they are happy, and they do it with a flash of teeth. Keeping those teeth clean is a challenge for dog owners. Is it up there on the top ten list of jobs you love? Thought not! But here are the […] More

  • dog socialisation

    What You Need to Know About Dog Socialisation

    New puppy parents all want to give the best start in life to their new companion and the best place to start is with socialisation. For those that don’t know “socialisation” is the process by which animals learn how to interact with others in their species and humans.  Socialisation ensures your puppy grows up to […] More

  • dog friendly camden

    Dog Friendly Pubs & Restaurants in Camden

    Looking for a dog friendly brunch spot or perhaps a refreshing post-walk pint with your pups? These pubs, cafes and eateries around Camden have been hand selected for their good eats, great service and furry friend compatibility. Leyas A whisker away from Mornington Crescent underground station you’ll find Leyas. With its funky yet modern interior, […] More


    Breed in the Spotlight: Cavapoo

    We’ve a soft spot for the Cavapoo. This crossbreed dog isn’t short of cute appeal. Get one and we reckon you’ll be fighting of admirers, desperate to say “hello” to your pet. They are a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS The Cavapoo isn’t a big dog, generally weighing […] More

  • dogs in food

    Dogs in Food

    The Instagram account dogs_infood has only been active since January but already has over 160,000 followers. We’re in love with these super cute photos of dogs edited in delicious foods. Enjoy! 1. Pugies 2. Éclairian 3. Doodle Croissant 4. Blue Frenchie 5. French donut 6. Labrocino 7. You name it! 8. Popdog 9. Dumpei 10. Another […] More

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