74% of British People Prefer Dogs to Cats

A great research on pet ownership in the UK has just been published by Sainsbury’s and some of the results may surprise you.

19% of UK households have a dog and exactly the same – 19% of UK households have a cat.

It turns out that the most dog-loving UK city is Newcastle where is the highest level of dog ownership in the UK – 41% of households have a dog. While Brighton is the city with the lowest level of dog ownership in the UK – only 14% of households have a dog.

88% of dog owners say that they feel happier and have a better quality of life because of their pets and almost 30% dog owners admit that having a dog helped them overcome depression and loneliness.

The most popular dog name is Max, while the most popular cat name is Poppy.

You can find plenty of interesting info on pet ownership on their website (there’s an interactive map!) and in the infographic below.

uk dog ownership

*The data is based on research amongst thousands of Sainsbury’s customers around the UK, as well as Sainsbury’s Bank Pet Insurance customers. The findings are therefore indicative, and relate to the breakdown of cat and dog ownership amongst Sainsbury’s customers, and the breeds of dogs and cats they own.

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