15 Hilarious Dog Shaming Photos

It seems we can’t get enough of these dog shaming pictures that people are taking all across the world. Check this selection of funny photos and get your mood fix.

1. Well, it’s your fault you don’t hide the food, mummy!

2. That’s pretty much the right place, isn’t it?


3. You don’t know until you try, right?

4. I’m still a puppy, what do you expect me to do. Unlock the door and take myself for a walk?

5. Just checking if the alarm is working ok.

6. It seems this Amazon 1-click is really a kid’s game.

7. I was hoping it’s real…

8. Teamwork!

9. Think twice next time!

10. So what’s the difference if outside or at home?

11. Well, it happens…

12. Not easy to hide these days…

13. Don’t forget to get him a laptop, please.

14. Hah, that’s what you wanted, right?

15. Clever! Get him another jar, please!

16. It’s just ugly! I want to destroy it!

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